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Energy-efficient Hydraulic Pumps

When it comes to quick die and mold clamping solutions, Forwell understands how hydraulic pumps, clamps, and control systems can harmoniously function together. With our experience of designing customizable die and mold changing systems we know how to design systems that are not only highly productive and safe, but also exceptionally energy-efficient. One secret is the design of our hydraulic pumps, which uses a system that stops pumping air as soon as the intended hydraulic pressure has been reached.

Also to ensure safe die clamping, our hydraulic pumps maintain hydraulic pressure even during power cuts or when system pressure unexpectedly drops. Also using Forwell’s in-house designed control panels no hydraulic pressure will be wasted, thereby increasing energy-efficiency and equipment service life. The hydraulic pumps control the die or mold clamps in the same way as the hydraulically controlled die lifters, only pumping air when pressure is needed, and stopping once pressure is sufficient. With Forwell’s custom designed die and mold handling solutions you can be sure to find a productivity boosting and energy efficient system for your press machine or injection molding machine.