Modern-Day Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps are the key to any hydraulic system and therefore are vital for supplying and maintaining sufficient hydraulic pressure. Hydraulic pumps play an important part in the secure clamping of dies and molds as these dies or molds can easily weigh over 1 ton and must be precisely secured for accurate operations.

The hydraulic pumps that are used in Forwell’s quick die and quick mold change systems are air driven which means they use air pressure to generate hydraulic pressure. This hydraulic pressure is used for supplying pressure for not only the quick die and quick mold clamps but also die lifters, which help to lift medium to heavy-duty dies for easy die removal.

Forwell’s hydraulic pumps are very energy-efficient because once the outlet pressure has been reached; they will automatically stop pumping air and maintain pressure. They also feature sophisticated pressure sensors and automatic shut off valves should air pressure become too high or too low.