The Importance of Hydraulic Pumps

Most quick die and quick mold change systems use advanced hydraulic pumps to generate the required hydraulic pressure. Many press machine operators do not understand how important it is that a suitable hydraulic pump is used to control the system. With lower quality hydraulic pumps, when supplied pressure is insufficient dies and molds can get damaged as they are not securely clamped in place during pressing or injection molding operations.

To further enhance the safety and reliability of our hydraulic pumps, all Forwell’s hydraulic pumps include pressure gauges, pressure switches, and automatic shut off valves. All of these mechanisms act as an automatic warning system that immediately relays to the operator when hydraulic pressure is not within the required range. Furthermore, Forwell has a large selection of hydraulic pumps that are suitable for a wide variety of systems, ensuring adequate clamping pressure, regardless how small or large your press machine or injection molding machine is.