Injection Molding

    • Decreased mold change time
    • Fully customizable to fit a wide range of machines
    • Safer operations
    • Reduced labor costs
    • Easy changeover for small batch runs

Quick Mold Change System Introduction

Forwell has been a pioneer of Quick Mold Change Systems for many years. With over 20 years of experience in developing these systems they can offer you the best for your molding operations. These fully customizable Quick Mold Change Systems drastically minimize setup times, maximize efficiency and increase safety.

Forwell’s Quick Mold Change System can be designed to fit almost any injection molding machine and mold casting machine to allow for quicker mold change times, resulting in shorter machine down time and increased productivity. This system uses a special mold clamp that does not require a cut out on the mold, increasing its application versatility and allowing it to be used with a large number of different molds.

Quick Mold Change Systems can rapidly transform your workshop, allowing for easy changeover for small batches, reduced labor costs and reduced stock holding. Coupling this system with a Mold Cart System will allow for fully automatic mold changing, further increasing the efficiency and productivity of your manufacturing operations.

Speed Up Your Plastic Injection Molding Production

With Forwell’s Quick Mold Change System you can immensely boost the productivity of your injection molding operations by utilizing easy to install and efficient to use quick mold change clamps. With our many years of expertise our advanced mold clamping solutions not only reduce mold change times, but also dramatically increase workshop safety, and worker productivity.

Furthermore to meet the demanding nature of plastic injection molding, our systems can be custom built to meet the requirements of quick mold clamping for even the largest machines. We also offer a wide range of suitable hydraulic pumps, quick mold clamps, and other automated mold handling solutions. As we strive to deliver the most innovative systems to clients all over the world, we always make sure that every system is meticulously designed, manufactured, and tested to ensure flawless performance.

With our fully automatic mold carts as part of our mold cart system, you can efficiently service multiple injection molding machines with just one system. This will boost productivity as well as ensure highly accurate and speedy mold changing. So before planning your next injection molding production facility, contact Forwell to see how our quick die and mold changing systems can speed up your production as well as increase your safety, competitiveness, and overall working environment.

Quick Mold Changes for Injection Molding Machines

Forwell’s Quick Mold Change System is the perfect solution for quick, safe and easy mold changing for plastic injection molding machines. With over 25 years of manufacturing experience, Forwell is capable of manufacturing highly efficient custom built quick mold change systems for a variety of injection molding machines.

To ensure high levels of production of plastic injection molding operations, fast and efficient mold handling is necessary. Due to the expert designs of Forwell’s Quick Mold Change Systems, rapid mold exchange is possible, minimizing set-up times and simplifying mold change operations. This makes operating injection molding and other plastics processing equipment safer and easier for your operators, thereby reducing work related stress and increasing their productivity.

By combining a Quick Mold Change System with Forwell’s Quick Mold Cart System mold handling can be completely automated, reducing labor expenses and further increasing safety. The Mold Cart System has multiple layout configurations which can serve one or more injection molding machine with one cart, making it a real productivity booster.

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