Improve your Plastic Injection Molding Productivity

The process of injection molding is used more and more in the production of a wide range of thermoplastic products. With fast improvements in the types of injection molding machines, including multi-color models and hydraulic clamping types, these machines are becoming increasingly popular for large-scale manufacturers. In order to improve the efficiency and productivity of these machines, Forwell’s quick mold change systems can be used to swiftly and easily change molds no matter how big or small they are.

With a wide selection of quick mold clamps, hydraulic pumps, and other related accessories, all of Forwell’s mold change systems can be customized to offer the biggest possible productivity gains. With these systems working environment safety will dramatically increase while also reducing expensive labor costs. Furthermore, as Forwell’s products are designed to efficiently and precisely change injection molding machine molds, they are guaranteed to offer excellent performance even under the most stressful conditions. Lastly, to ensure that individual injection molding machines as well as whole plant production lines benefit from quick mold changes, they can be coupled with a mold cart system that fully automates the mold changing process.