Injection Molding Industry Developments

The injection molding industry is growing very quickly, in part due to rapid developments in technology, but also because of the improvements in mold peripheral equipment. The injection molding machine industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and is expected to grow for the next decade and beyond. This has led the way for the development of high efficiency quick mold change systems and shuttle mold-carts that are specialized in the automation of mold changing for all types of injection molding machines.

In conjunction with the growth of the injection molding industry, companies like Forwell have excelled in offering very productivity enhancing and energy-efficient mold clamping solutions. With very specialized >hydraulic pumps and customizable systems, all our products adhere to the strictest international standards and as such always give our customers the precise and reliable performance they can expect. Also as we have a wide range of products we can fully customize our products to any plastic injection molding machine.