Mold Handling for Injection Molding Machinery

When planning the purchase of your next plastic injection molding machine or even injection molding production line, one key issue is the problem of mold handling. With large plastic injection molding machinery, mold changing can take hours and consume a lot of costly manpower. By using Forwell’s specially designed quick mold change clamps, mold changes can take just a matter of minutes. Besides the huge time savings and reductions in labor costs, mold handling has become much safer and easier, in part because of the mold standardization used across the various mold handling systems.

Furthermore in order to suit a wide range of different systems, Forwell can fully customize the quick mold change system to fit any plastic injection molding machine. Mold handling can also be fully automated when combining a quick mold change system with one of Forwell’s mold cart systems. These high precision and easy to operate mold cart systems can serve not just one or two injection molding machines but a whole production line at once, making them very efficient and cost effective.