Efficient Injection Molding. What you need to know.

For many manufacturers plastic injection molding is a relatively new concept, and many are only slowly getting to grips with integrating this process into a full scale production cycle. With an increasing dependence on small batch production runs, it is vital that mold changes occur quickly therefore keeping machine idle time to a minimum. This will maximize productivity, reduce expensive labor costs, as well as increase the safety of your factory work floor.

One key product that is vital in the fast exchange of injection molding molds are quick mold change clamps, which secure molds in place using hydraulic pumps. This not only provides very stable, secure, and accurate mold clamping but also simplifies the ease with which molds are exchanged.

Another popular product that automates the mold change process for injection molding operations are Forwell’s mold cart systems. These systems utilize shuttle mold-carts on rails that deliver and automatically change molds quickly, efficiently, and with minimal operator intervention. All in all these systems by Forwell offer the most cutting edge and efficient solutions for any plastic injection molding operation.