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Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Marches towards Three New Goals

China Times. Written by Chen Ren-yi (陳仁義)

Taiwan Fund for Children and Families currently held an activity that gathers personnel and supports all over Taiwan to the event. President Zhao Li-min (趙犁民) encouraged all the participants to give their strength to help vulnerable children all over the world, delivering warm and caring for the needy. Furthermore, CEO of Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, He Su-qiu (何素秋) will lead the team towards the three main goals.

Taiwan Fund for Children and Families has been cultivating in Taiwan for 69 years, and has established the sixth branch in Jordan last year. President Zhao shared his idea that they want to bring the successful experience they have in Taiwan to other places where people are in need. Taiwan used to receive help from abroad, and now Taiwan can be a giver, offering help for vulnerable children all over the world.

During the event, president Zhao and the board members gave red envelops to the employees as a sign of good luck and best service. CEO He wished for the smooth process of the new building and gave special appreciations to several contributors, including VIFO (維他露基金會), Cheng Loong (正隆基金會), Forwell Machinery (富偉科技集團), Yu Da (育達慈善會), and many others.


CEO He stated that, as the TFCF is about to be 70 years, the organization and its 1,600 employees will march towards the three main goals: Firstly, based on the spirit of environmental protection, TFCF headquarters and its foreign branches will work to expand its service quality for the children and youth. Secondly, TFCF will expand its project adoption in the off-shore island and remote countryside, offering new programs that help poverty alleviation and provide job opportunities. Thirdly, based on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), TFCF will work in a sustainable way to participate in international events and contribute itself to children and youth based on the viewpoint of ecological sustainability, achieving the goal “wherever there are needy people, wherever TFCF is there.”


President Hsiao of Forwell is also a board member of TFCF. He said that due to the bad economy, fund raising is not easy now. He hopes that people can contribute their love by donation and help vulnerable children for poverty alleviation. At the same time, privacy protection of those people who receive help is important, and contributors shall also take care of their health in order to make their contribution sustainable.

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