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The Seven-Anti Singing Contest Promotes Better Social Moral Atmosphere

Written by Chen, Renyi on October 22, 2019

Club, The LOHAS Lions Club and the Seven Singing Charity Contest. Together with Seven Singing Charity Contest, they hosted the "1st Forwell Lions Cup Seven Singing Charity Contest" in the Changhua area, and hoped that it would be promoted by memberships. The "Seven Anti" concept, together create a peaceful and good environment and social culture that clean and fresh air.

The sponsor of the event, Forwell Technology Group President Xiao, is the former director of the International Lions Club 300-C3 District as well. Xiao Wenlong said that the production unit of the Seven Anti-Singing Charity Competition will start from the central region of Taiwan and gradually expand to the whole area of Taiwan. The singing public welfare contest invites the general public to use singing as a common language and work together to build a peaceful society with good moral atmosphere.

Participants in the Forwell Lohas Lion Cup Seven Anti-singing Charity Contest not only included many winners of singing competitions from all over Taiwan, but even the Golden Stars also signed up to participate in the charity together. All the singing activities are done in the greatest efforts in order to be favored by the jury and win the championship.

In order to achieve good fairness and credibility to the public, the Seven Anti-Singing Charity Competition has hired professional senior musician Cai Jiaru as the theme song "Seven Anti-Songs" to compose and serve as the producer. After waiting for the judge of the jury composed by the teacher, Xiao Wenlong, the president of Forwell Technology Group, took the stage to lead the singing of "Seven Songs" at the opening ceremony of the event.

In addition to the bounteous bonuses, this charity singing competition can also bring home exquisite prizes from local enterprises in Changhua. At the same time, the production unit will broadcast the competition process of each player through the YOUTUBE charity channel, and the top three winners will be received a contract with a singer and performed at "Let Love Share to the Lottery Gala".

Although President Xiao of FORWELL Technology Group, has led the group to successfully develop into a leading manufacturer of cross-strait automated rapid mold change system and completed plant equipment, he seeks to do more on the public good. In order to promote the legitimate leisure activities of the entire people in Changhua County, even if his business is busy. He can't wipe out his enthusiastic on "Public Soul", and "Thanksgiving Service, Sincere Friendship" are the annual theme of President Xiao he served as the director of the 300-C3 area of the International Lions Club from 2015 to 2016. It is President Xiao’s actively engaged in public welfare to give "grateful feedback" For the best spiritual portrayal of the original intention, and because of the enthusiasm for social welfare, people will fully support and sponsor the Seven Anti-Singing Charity Competition, with a view to dedicating more efforts to more communities in the society, so that everyone's life is full of positive power, achieving their dreams.

The event was directed by several organizations listed in Chinese names: 內政部, 彰化縣政府, 社頭鄉公所, 社頭鄉代表會, 國際獅子會台灣總會, 國際獅子會300-C3區, 彰化縣警察局, and 國際獅子會台灣總會前國際理事張瑞泰. And the event is organized by防治薬物濫用委員會主席楊芬珍, 行銷溝通委員會輔導涂詠鑨, 員林獅子會, 七星獅子會, and the co-organizers are樂活襪之鄉博物館, 彰化縣警察局田中分局, 彰化縣環保局, 社會處, 國際獅子會300-C3區總監許雪珠, 彰化縣長王惠美, 社頭鄉長劉錦昌, 立委陳素月, 彰化縣議員許書維; the event is sponsored by Forwell technology group, (富偉科技集團), 炒飯超人, 卡登實業, 康熙健康, 18度C巧克力, 音圓伴唱機, 一品名煎餅, 進發密麻花, 和益鏡廠, etc.

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