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The 60th Anniversary of Chin Shui Elementary School : Students’ Talent Shows Gathered Visitors’ Positive Recognition.

Written by Chen, Renyi (陳仁義) on Dec 20, 2020

The 60th anniversary of Chin Shui Elementary School of Changhua She Tou (彰化社頭清水國小) was held on the 19th day of the month, together with the athletics meeting and alumni networking. For this 60th anniversary, students, teachers, community members, and alumni were together to celebrate with a series of activities such as auspicious lion, event dancing, community member show, extinguished alumni awards, tea offer ceremony for teachers, Chin Shui Shang Shui – Tap Tshui Koo (清水上媠 — 答喙鼓), and art events.

During the anniversary, there were many people participated, such as the president of Changhua County Education Dept. Chang, Shuzhu (張淑珠), chairman Hsiao, Wenlong (蕭文龍) of 60th anniversary of Chin Shui Elementary School (清水國小) who is also the president of the alumni association, honorary chairperson Shi, Shilin (石仕霖), head of the parents’ association (家長會) Wang, Wanchang (王萬昌), president Shu, Ronghong (許宏榮) of counseling (輔導會), legislator Chen, Suyue (陳素月), mayor of She Tou Liu, Chinchang (劉錦昌), county councilors Hsiao, Ruyi (蕭如意), Hsiao Shufen (蕭淑芬), Zheng, Junshong (鄭俊雄), county representative Chen Chinfu (陳慶褔), Zhuang, Yongchin (莊詠晴), chief of Chin Shui village (清水村) Liao, Zhenxi (康正習), chief of Shan Hu village (山湖村) Liu, Shiulan (劉秀蘭), direct general of She Tou Hsiao Chyuner (蕭浚二), principal of Chin Shui Elementary School (清水國小) Hsiao Ruiyu (蕭睿瑜), and many other guests, alumni, and residents.

President of Changhua County Education Dept. Chang, Shuzhu (張淑珠) shared that it is a great honor to participate this very anniversary. Since the establishment of this school in the 49th year of the Republic of China, this school has fostered many talents, and they contribute a lot in different areas. So the president encouraged students to emulate those outstanding alumni and make advancement on these bases.

He said that Changhua County government assisted Chin Shui Elementary School on building a better learning environment, supporting campus basketball field re-build, classroom corridor canopy (遮雨棚) installment, after–school waiting area re-build, skylight panel (採光罩) tear down and re-build, playing arena tear down and re-build, playground re-build and painting, and other campus projects. The amount is about 4.81 million NTD. It is expected that under the improvement of both software and hardware, children could have a better space for growth.

President of Changhua County Education Dept. Chang, Shuzhu (張淑珠) granted Chin Shui Elementary School’s dedication in the education. Within great endeavors and accompanying of teachers, students love to learn and their potential was intrigued. Those efforts help students’ development on their various talents, as the school has planned various activities for students. Those activities include Bell (扯鈴), Ocarina (陶笛), Multimedia Color (多媒彩), Dance, English Theater, Calligraphy, Violin, and Ten Drums (十鼓). The efforts are especially significant in the area of martial arts as participants gained good results in magistrate champion or other educational champions. They are also invited to many community shows that earned many positive recognition.

Principal of Chin Shui Elementary School (清水國小) Hsiao Ruiyu (蕭睿瑜) said that even though the school is in countryside, it fosters many outstanding talents. On 17th of July in the National High School Athletics (全中運東), Changhua County has gain two golden metals and one of them was gained by Huang, Yichen (黃宜甄) who is the alumni of Chin Shui Elementary School as the 57th graduate and has gain the golden metal in the 49 kg grade, earning honors for Changhua County. Moreover, in the language contest, the Southern Min read aloud event, six grade student Hsiao, Xiangyun (蕭湘芸) won the first place in the county and represented Changhua County in the National Mandarin Contest for Southern Min reading aloud, and she won the special award as the first place, once again winning honors for Changhua County.

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