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Forwell Promotes Its VR Mold/ Die Management System

By 陳仁義

Leading QDCS and QMCS brand Forwell showcased its VR Zone at TIMTOS 2017, helping visitors experiencing smart mold/ die management via VR technology. This system is a great progression in mold and die management sector, making the production line easier.

President Hsiao of Forwell stated that, Forwell engineers have integrated different demands from both metal forming and plastics & rubber injection sectors. The integration includes automatic quick mold/ die change system, automatic mold/ die transmission system, automatic mold/ die storage system, and the automatic mold/ die maintenance system.

President Hsiao emphasized that, Forwell QDCS and QMCS are fully customized, based on customers’ plant conditions, machinery arrangement, and mold/ die transmission distances. Hence, this integration, is highly technical and complicated in every case.

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