Industry-Leading Solutions for Press Machines

Starting by specializing in the production of PCB fine piercing systems and quick die change systems, Forwell now offers a range of high-tech solutions for press machines and plastic injection molding machines. With the establishment of a corporate synergy development center in 1994, we have been continually improving our manufacturing processes, quality control procedures, and customer service. This has resulted in fast growth in recent years and has allowed us to open a second factory in Ningbo China that specializes in quick die change systems for various press machines.

Recently, with our determination to manufacture energy-efficient and high precision die changing solutions we have been awarded with numerous awards and quality certifications. Press machines are the backbone of any manufacturing operation and therefore it is vital that they are running at full capacity. Also to further improve small batch run production capabilities, Forwell’s quick die change systems can be used for the very fast exchanging of dies for a variety of press machines.