The Importance of Peripheral Equipment

In light of recent technological developments over recent decades, it is now very cost efficient to utilize die change systems and other press peripheral equipment for almost any kind of press machine. These quick die change systems use easy to mount quick die change clamps that vastly decrease the time required to change dies. These systems can be used on small press machines as well as press machines with very large capacities. This makes all of our die change systems very versatile, and in conjunction with our precise manufacturing processes, this results in all our press peripheral equipment being very durable and accurate.

Press peripheral equipment can range from precision material feeding solutions to die change systems and with the growth of the press machine industry; new productivity enhancing accessories have become the norm. Forwell has recognized this trend and therefore offers a wide selection of productivity enhancing quick die change systems, die clamps, die lifting carts, as well as additional accessories such as hydraulic pumps and control boxes.