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Intelligent towards full world.

Future automation technology more mature, in response to market demand is kind of trend, Forwell Taiwan toward intelligent production development, investment in research and development of the whole plant automation Quick Die Change System is derived from the concept of "industrial 4.0", the new smart technology era, is waiting for us to create.

High Quality is our persistence. Good Service is our commitment. Creativity is our passion.

Forwell Precision Machinery Co. Ltd believes in three main principles with which it conducts its business. High Quality products, excellent service and innovation. With this in mind Forwell works closely with customers to deliver top quality custom automation solutions, whether it be for a single press or for a whole factory floor Forwell is committed to delivering you the best. Below you can read more about Forwell’s mission, their global presence and the importance they place on guaranteeing high quality products.

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Company Profile
Creator comprehensive mold management integrated systems

Forwell Precision Machinery Co. Ltd was established in 1987 and specializes in the production of quick die/mold change systems, die/mold cart systems, PCB fine piercing systems and automatic die clamping systems. The wide range of customizable quick change systems and automatic clamping systems can be used for many different types of machines such as: press machines (mechanical and hydraulic types), plastic injection molding machines and die casting machines.

Forwell has been widely acknowledged for the high quality and functionality of their products. With a strong emphasis on research and development, the core principles of quality, service and innovation are strongly enforced, fostering the development of innovative customized products in line with customer requirements.

Thanks to a strong performance and an increasing customer base, Forwell has a strong global presence and is the manufacturer of quick die/mold change systems both in Taiwan and mainland China. Furthermore a gigantic 12,000 square meter factory is under construction, and is due for completion in 2015 in Jiangsu, China. This plant will focus on strengthening Forwell’s R&D capabilities and driving substantial business growth in the years to come.

Company Profile of Forwell Taiwan
Our Team

Forwell has a strong and growing team committed to delivering the highest quality automation solutions to their customers. Forwell has been able to consistently grow and retain excellent competitiveness within the automation system industry. Below you can see the senior management team who are responsible for the daily running of the company as well as the development of future products.

Organizational Structure

Below you can view the Organizational Structure which Forwell uses to develop and manufacture complete quick change systems and the components for die and mold applications.

Organizational Structure
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Corporate Social Responsibility
Technology, Humanities, and Technique Furthers Development of Intelligent Automationy

Hsiao Wen Lung especially loves mechanical design as well as community service, and that is why he has served as Taiwan Machinery Industry Association’s Director and Supervisor for many years. He has also participated with the Lions Club International for more than 15 years, dedicating a lot of time to introducing more enterprises to participate. The end of June this year, director of the outgoing 300-C3. 5 years ago he created the Forwell Lions Club International which is dedicated to community service and annually raises at least NT$1.5 million. These contributions include blood donations, supporting the elderly, concerts, dance performances, and other community services.


Forwell was established over 30 years ago, so to find out more about this prestigious company and their humble beginning view the timeline below and read about their History.

  • The first Taiwanese quick die change maker achieves ISO 14064-1 certificate. (Greenhouse gas inventoires)
  • 4 mainland China offices open with completion of Factory in Jiangsu due in 2015
  • Over 20 agents on 6 Continents
  • Ningbo Factory is completed and production begins on 9th June 2004
  • Successful research and development of multiple automatic clamping systems, such as the Rotating Mold Clamp System and Swing Type Mold Clamp System
  • Multiple Forwell Products are granted International Patents
  • Forwell receives SGS ISO9001 International Quality Accreditation
  • Forwell Products awarded Mainland Chinese Patents
  • Construction started on a Factory to be built in Ningbo, China
  • Forwell creates a Company Movie for viewing on-line
  • Forwell implements a Management Information System to streamline company operations
  • Forwell website officially launched
  • First office in Mainland China is Established
  • Forwell honored with “Silver Medal of National Invention and Creation Award” by the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan
  • Forwell obtains CE product authentication marking
  • In co-operation with AC Design, Forwell creates a Corporate Information System and increases personnel to 25
  • Forwell receives SGS ISO9002 International Quality Accreditation
  • Forwell increases Factory Floor Space to 660m2
  • Forwell promotes 5s activities with a corporate synergy development center
  • Forwell products successfully enter the International market
  • Forwell purchased a second office at current location
  • Forwell establishes a complete Quick Die Change System product line
  • Forwell moves address to current location and increases employees to 12
  • Successful development of PCB Fine Piercing System
  • Forwell Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was established. Registered Capital NT$1.65 million with 5 full-time employees
  • Forwell to specialize in the manufacturing of Quick Die / Mold Change Systems