System integration from point, line and surface
System integration from point, line and surface
System integration from point, line and surface
Using Forwell’s mold management systems as your winning formula

Future automation technology more mature, in response to market demand is kind of trend, Forwell toward intelligent production development, investment in research and development of the whole plant automation Quick Die Change System is derived from the concept of "industrial 4.0", the new smart technology era, is waiting for us to create.

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Surpass selfhood pursue excellence
Promote the new Smart Auto Technology, is the master mold integrate new situation

Forwell Precision Machinery Co. Ltd carefully specializes in the customer's production equipment, to transform, to design a complete quick die change systems, quick mold change system, improve customer retooling existing operations, increase production efficiency.

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To share our experience, giving selfless service, providing mold management solutions

Forwell With years of experience, like replication of mold, will share solutions to customers. Our mature technology to solve the customer because of high maintenance costs of imported equipment needed. Our product is manufactured adhere to the "only maintenance, no maintenance," the quality of ideas to implement to reduce customer costs as the goal.

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