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Forwell Xiao Yucheng took over as the president of the clan association


On the 12th, the Xiao Clan Association in Changhua County held a grand handover ceremony between the old and new presidents. The general manager of Fuwei Technology Group, Xiao Yucheng, took over as the ninth new president. The Taiwan Xiao Clan Association and Xiao Clan Associations from all over the world were present. Watching the ceremony and wishing blessings, Lin Tianfu, the deputy magistrate of Changhua County, came to give a special speech and congratulations. The handover of the new and old presidents was supervised by Xiao Mingren, the president of the Taiwan Xiao Clan Association, and Xiao Zuozhong, the eighth president, officially sealed the letter. Handed over to the new president Xiao Yucheng.

The new president of the Xiao Clan Association in Changhua County, Xiao Yucheng, said that during the process of participating in the activities of large and small clan associations, he deeply felt that the Xiao Clan Association is different from other social groups, but a society that inherits blood and serves. The motives of the members to join are all for the blood, and the objects served are our family members. The activities held are all about fellowship and family ties, and remind the clan members to "drink water and think of the source". This is also a meaningful association of the Xiao Clan Association purpose.

He said that in an environment of rapid technological development, the places you can go are getting farther and farther away, and the relationship between people is getting more and more distant. In this international society, there is rarely an environment where you can trace the origin and understand the Chinese tradition. Culture and contact with relatives and friends, and can educate children and grandchildren to understand the importance of "filial piety". The Xiao Clan Association is an association that can provide these services and pass on education. To make this environment sustainable, the clan members need to work together , so that the Xiao clan will grow stronger and stronger.

Xiao Wenlong, honorary president of the Taiwan Xiao Clan Association, also said in his speech that the Xiao Clan Association is now promoting "Xiao Business Enterprise" (HBNI), which is a platform for networking and business referrals for Xiao Enterprises, and the establishment of "HBNI" It is to meet the needs of people who do not like to socialize, talk about "business cooperation" directly, and adopt a model of resource cooperation and sharing, so that the connections among members can be closely integrated, and help individuals improve their careers quickly, ruthlessly, and accurately. It is currently scheduled to be established in Taiwan The North, Central, and South branches each elect a moderator to gather Xiao's enterprises for cooperation and development, and to share the economy and grow together.