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Forwell Group Takes the Lead in ESG Management System

Written by Chen Renyi

With the rapid growth of the global electric vehicle market and international development trends, the demand for both metal forming and plastic injection molded products continues to be vibrant. President Hsiao Wen-lung, Executive Director of the Taiwan Machinery Association and President of Forwell Technology Group, stated that in response to the enormous demand in the rapidly developing automotive market and the accelerated development of Internet digital products and the Internet, the introduction of intelligent production systems that align with the concept of "Industry 4.0" has become the best solution for diverse "smart manufacturing" needs.

President Hsiao Wen-lung, President of the Forwell Group, pointed out that in order to meet the high-precision requirements of automotive components and the diverse production patterns, both metal forming and injection molding industries are gradually improving and upgrading their production equipment. Mold technology is also advancing to pursue integrated production with simplified processes. As a result, molds are becoming larger, and the frequency of mold usage and changeovers is increasing. Therefore, systematic "mold management" is essential to achieve the goals of improving quality and high-efficiency production.

President Hsiao Wen-lung stated that the global electric vehicle market is poised for significant growth. Industries related to electric vehicles are aiming to enhance product value and improve product features to gain a competitive edge in the market. Achieving this involves reducing production costs, improving efficiency, and enhancing quality through "smart manufacturing," which is considered the most direct and effective approach.

President Hsiao Wen-lung further emphasized that in the face of the international trend toward carbon neutrality and environmental sustainability, pursuing low-carbon emissions is crucial. Smart automation in production will play a significant role in this regard. Implementing smart production systems not only greatly enhances efficiency and reduces dependence on labor but also, according to tests conducted by the Industrial Technology Research Institute, can effectively reduce carbon emissions by half compared to manual production. This reduction includes efficient energy utilization and recycling, contributing to energy conservation and environmental protection. It helps improve carbon emissions and reduces carbon footprints, thus avoiding the potential burden of high carbon taxes in the future, which could negatively affect market competitiveness.

Forwell Group has made significant investments in developing intelligent mold management systems and entire factory equipment that align with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards, focusing on low carbon emissions. The current smart quick mold change system includes three main systems: the Mold Transport System (automatic mold-changing trolley system), the Mold Automatic Warehousing System, and the Mold Maintenance System. To further advance environmentally sustainable low-carbon equipment, Forwell is not only planning to invest in the research and development of low-carbon emission intelligent equipment and related components but has also begun creating a production environment that meets the standards for carbon tax deductions. In the future, all products from Forwell will be developed and designed to meet the demands for energy conservation and carbon reduction, ensuring compliance with ESG sustainability standards.