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Lions Clubs 300-C3 Division Art Exhibition: Truthfulness, Compassion, Perseverance

Commercial Times Chen Ren-yi
Directed by Changhua Country Government, organized by Lions Club Division 300-C3, Taiwan Xin Tang Ren Int’l Cultural Society, and Changhua City Office, the “International Art Tour Expo of Truthfulness, Compassion, Perseverance” was held with a solemn opening. The exhibition was also supported by Xiushui Township Office, Lu Kang Township Office, Hemei Township Office, and Huatan Township Office. Lions Clubs 300-C3 Director Hsiao Wen Leng came to visit and welcome VIPs together with Director Huang Qing Xian of Xin Tang Ren, Changhua Mayor Qiu Jian Fu, and other representatives.

All the paintings exhibited at the show are objects that tell stories of artists, delivering the idea of Compassion and hope. The art style is of traditional realistic style, with New Century and Classic spirit.

Director Hsiao of 300-C3 stated that the exhibition delivers different comprehension, experience, and background of the artists who come from different nations. These issues, are expressed via artistic channel. Hsiao emphasized that artists make those creations out of the sincerity to urge people to live a noble life during difficult lifetimes. The creation is not for profit, but for virtue. Through the artistic works, human beings are able to reshape humanity in a positive way.

Hsiao further pointed out that this exhibition tell a lot about people’s stories, and has been on its world tour for more than 40 nations across the five continents for hundreds of times. Each painting represents one store, and all those painting also tell a big story. If we can taste each painting properly, and then take a wider view, we can decode what artists said; which is an old story with profound meaning and at the mean time close to our life.