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Forwell Expands Market Share with New Products

Commercial Times Chen Ren-yi
Encountered with the recession, Taiwan’s export performance recesses as well as domestic stock market performance. The overall economic downturn and the currency devaluation of Japanese Yen and Korean Won are taking a heavy toll on the domestic machinery industry. Speaking of these challenges, Director of TAMI, President Hsiao of Forwell stated that, even Taiwanese government tried to have New Taiwan Dollar devaluated, this does not help much. Hsiao said that the real move corporates need to do is to re-arrange internal resources, improve product R&D, reduce cost, and optimize the overall competitiveness.

President Hsiao shared that order inquiry decreases due to the economy downturn, so when manufacturers are re-arranging their production lines, they shall consider more on the automation equipment which can surely reduce their cost while increase their efficiency, such as the QDCS and QMCS, and together import the mo;d/ die management system, helping the standardizing the storage and transmission of molds and dies. These systems can also educate corporate personnel and sharpen their professional skills. At the same time, the saved energy and resources can be put to develop new products for new market exploration.

Hsiao emphasized that due to the devaluations of Japanese and Korean dollars, Taiwan’s machinery export is impacted. But Taiwanese manufacturers can integrate their supply chain and help their suppliers to improve their price competitiveness. Furthermore, manufacturers have to know the needs of their customers, because wherever there is a market, there is potentiality for improvement. Taiwanese people shall turn their difficulties into opportunities and advance their market by offering better products to customers.

Hsiao observed that though the economy is bad, there are some corporates making investment still. Now Forwell is working on integrating cross-strait production line as well as incubating talents. And the company keeps its pace on the development of fully-automated QDCS/ QMCS for factories in order to expand the market share. The system can proceed mold/ die change, transmission, carry, storage, and maintenance into one smart mold/ die management system. Hsiao has established Forming Dept, Pressing Dept, 3C Dept, and Production Dept in Huai’an, Ningbo, and Taiwan branches to further support the different market needs of the customers.