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Forwell Aims to Develop Fully-Automated QDCS/QMCS

Commercial Times Chen Ren-yi
The leading QDCS/ DMCS brands Forwell pours its energy in the R&D of Fully-automated Quick Die/ Mold Change System for the uprising automatic trend in the world industry.

Big success in the world market

Besides the existing QMCS and QDCS products, Forwell had developed successfully the other models that are used in mold transmission, i.e. automatic mold/ die cart system; after this the company further develops the mold/ die management system, which is the 3rd stage regarding mold/ die sector and is much more complicated compared to 1st and 2nd stages in many aspects. The system focuses on automatic storage and item maintenance, hence is highly customized retail based on customers’ demands. This system will be installed at the Forwell factory in Huai’an, Jiangsu Province as a demonstration model in China.

Cross-strait Business Arrangement

President Hsiao of Frowell stated that, though the world economic now is not warm but it is foreseen that once when the economic recovers the demand for automatic production equipment will be strong. Therefore, Hsiao stay alert for the trend in both Taiwan and China markets, including his factories in Huai’an, Ningbo, and Taiwan, and he established four departments to support customers according to their different needs:

1. Forming Dept. for automatic die casting & injection manufacture, 
2. Pressing Dept. for press metalworking & hydraulic metalworking, 
3. 3C Dept. for automatic production of electronical components of 3C products
4. Production Dept. as the parts supplement for the three departments mentioned above.

Hsiao emphasized that these four departments are set to further professionalize Forwell personnel’s talents, hopefully to advance internal technological competence compared to peers.

Help Industrial Customers Reduce Cost

President Hsiao shared that the purpose of Forwell business is to help customers solve manpower issue, improve production efficiency, stabilize quality, reduce cost, and ameliorate the production-line automation. For those who encounter severe competition during bad economy and wage increase issues, Forwell is here to assist you. Among the many manufacturers, metal forming and plastics & rubber injection producers in the automotive sector are in urgent of importing automation equipment due to the market status. Hence, Hsiao expressed that Forwell works enthusiastically to develop the fully-automated QDCS/ QMCS factory equipment, offering an integrated system that changes, transmits, delivers, stores, manages, and maintains the targets with smart system. Hsiao expects that Forwell to keep its bellwether status and keeps offering the better total solutions to the industry.