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President Hsiao Served as Director of Lions Clubs (Area 300-C3)

Commercial Times Chen Ren-yi
Dedicated to public welfare, and participated in the minority care activities held by Lions Clubs International, President Hsiao’s enthusiastic towards the society is as much as his enthusiasm towards his private firms. By providing ambulance, bloodmobile, scholarships and assistance for the minority, President Hsiao is praised and followed by partners in the welfare sector. Moreover, Hsiao was recently recommended by the members of Lions Clubs International 300-C3 Area to serve as the 22nd Director. During his incumbency, the annual topic was “To Serve with Gratitude, Friendship with Sincerity”, and Hsiao led his Lions Clubs crew to participate in welfare activities based on the spirit.

As the Director of Lions Clubs International 300-C3 area, Hsiao stated that the service focuses on youth participation, vision share, famine care, and environmental protection. He held relevant social welfare activities to practice different kinds of social services.

On one year, the annual topic of Lions Clubs International was “Dignity, Harmony, and Humanity”; and the overall goal is to deliver the spirit of dignity to people via humane services. At the same year, the annual topic of Taiwan branch was Sincerity: With sincerity to serve people. The topic of 300-C3 area was “To Serve with Gratitude, Friendship with Sincerity”. By the Lions Clubs platform, members can have more opportunity to offer their service to the society with honest and sincere gratitude, and at the meantime, such activities heat up friendship between members in the society.

Mr. Hsiao emphasized that “We Serve” is the spirit of Lions Clubs International as well as “Friendship First, Service First”. Now there are 84 subsidiaries under 300-C3 area, about 4,000 members. Hsiao integrated powers and resources under the spirit “Service First without Hierarchy” to offer more social services to people and to benefit minority groups. Under Hsiao’s guidance, there were many cultural, athletic, healthy, and household activities held in the year 2015.

Hsiao’s crew in 300-C3 area includes Secretary General He Yong Shan, Chief Financial Officer Yan Jun Yu, Special Consultant Li Jin Mei, Special Assistant Lin Zi Liang, Office Director Chen Pei Lan, PR Director Wu Ren Quan, Head Administer Chen Hou Ren, Area Director Shi Fu Yuan, Editor in Chief Ye Wei Cheng, and Director of Lecturers Ke Jin Fa.