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Forwell QDCS/QMCS Delivers Smart Manufacture

Commercial Times Chen Ren-yi
As the exploitation of AI benefits the world industry, governments and manufacturers all over the world expect robots to do more for them and bring them better convenience, advancing their competitiveness. As a result, the R&D of industrial robot is the main interest for manufacturers in the world market. It is expected that, the industrial robot will eventually replace onsite operators and create a safer and more efficient production site with stable quality. This very concept about smart automation generates many amazing results, and re-invents corporate values as well as global competitiveness, proving that smart automation is deeply related with Industry 4.0. Therefore, the importation of smart automation into automatic machinery is an inevitable trend when it comes to the development of high-end machinery items.

President Hsiao, head of Forwell, who is an expert of factory quick mold/ die change equipment, said that now many Taiwanese machinery builders have developed various 5 axis multi-phase machine centers, multi-functional machine tools, servo presses and advanced machineries with multiple functions; among these machine products, servo press is with multiple processing potential, like higher accuracy, lower noise, and reduced processes, approaching the goal set by Industry 4.0. These features witness Taiwanese manufacturers’ competence in R&D, as now Industry 4.0 is the concept that embraced by Taiwanese machine tool industry in developing advanced products.

He further pointed out that, some Taiwanese press machine producers have integrated automatic equipment into IoT, emphasizing an industrial model with high automation, high performance, and high technology. This model, with rapid surveillance system developed based on IoT, improves the safety of production data, production efficiency, and overall safety. This is an example that digitalization pushes the development of smart industry.

Hsiao expressed his view that for manufacturers, Industry 4.0 is a manufacture model that emphasizes intelligence while integrating IoT, making the production system more flexible. This concept manages everything, including inquiry, production, and maintenance, and both statistics conduct and the following task distribution are also managed via the system. The era of smart management is on the horizon, and the time of unmanned production is about to happen. The QDCS and QMCS of Forwell are systems that fit into these models.

In order to get rid of the menace from Chinese industrial counterparts, Hsiao stated, Taiwanese machinery manufacturers have to develop high end models, with smart features. By shortening the gap with Japanese counterparts, Taiwan machine tool producers can build their own global competitiveness with the Industry 4.0 technology.