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Forwell QDCS/QMCS Delivers High Efficiency

Commercial Times Chen Ren-yi
With the uprising development of the automotive industry, the production of corresponding metalworking and plastics components and electrical accessories grows steadily across sectors. Those production lines, either metal pressing or plastics injection, request huge demands for both molds/ dies involvement and automatic system. It is revealed that about 95% of the production of those components rely on molds and dies, and many of the orders are of small volume but large variety production model, hence a quicker mold/ die change is necessary for manufacturers nowadays. President Hsiao of Forwell, head of the leading brand of QDCS as well as QMCS in both Taiwan and China, stated that, since the demand for automation keeps growing in the global industry, this technology will never fade in the world industrial market.

President Hsiao pointed out that Chinese consumer market now request for finer quality and life style, so that the Chinese automotive producers gain a lot of orders currently, reaching out to 20 million car sales per year. Supplier chains in the Chinese market work enthusiastically to cope with the ever-changing market, and purchase the related mold/ die management mechanisms in order to improve their production lines.

Hsiao claimed that, Forwell assists customers to achieve high quality, shortened delivery time, and reduced cost, making their competitiveness better than before. Recently Forwell invests resources in the development of the total solution for QDCS/ QMCS, helping the change, transmission, lifting, management, storage, and maintenance of users to be smarter. This effort saves manpower, working time, and cost, and stabilizes quality, safety, and operation efficiency.

Hsiao further emphasized that recently the company pours all its resources in the R&D of Mold/ Die Management System. This system will re-define modern mold/ die management and solve the trivial details in mold/ die change procedures. Eventually, the system will help a factory’s mold/ die change to become fully automatic in the future, benefitting corporates development.

Hsiao said that the quick and automatic mold/ die change equipment helps corporates to live a sustainable life. Forwell has made its mold/ die project in three steps for its customers: Point, Line, and Plane. Point means transmission of mold/ die; line means the storage and maintenance of mold/ die; plane means the fully automated factory. With this innovative idea, competence, and performance, Forwell indeed is the leading brand in the industry, and Mr. Hsiao is enthusiastic in helping factories all over the world to solve their automatic issues. In the next step, the company will develop specific robots for specific industries.