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Forwell’s Mold Management system is the Ultimate Key to Automation Intelligence

【Reported by Dai Chen, Commercial Times】
To respond to the industry development trend and enterprise goal of “Automation Intelligence”, Forwell Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has been very dedicated to the development of their newest creation, also known as the “Mold Management System”. Redefining the complexity of “Mold Management”, Forwell has come up with a whole new method of “Mold Management” that is able to satisfy the needs of the industry. 

Forwell Precision Machinery Chairman Xiao Wen Long indicated the fact while the automotive industry is flourishing, the need for automotive components and electrical appliances for cars will continue to increase. This enhances the need for metal forming and plastic injection molding automation equipment, and approximately 95% of these two products use molds during the production process. In terms of low volume, rapid production, and high quality production of a wide range of products, the quick mold/die change systems are a crucial link in the production line. 

Xiao Wen Long signifies, in order to assist people in the industry and to strengthen the competitiveness in the global market, one must meet the crucial management needs such as high quality, fast delivery, and low costs. His company has integrated resources cross-strait, and is actively dedicated in the development of “Automated Quick Mold/Die Change Systems”. He also strives to meet the “Automation Intelligence” operation requirements of automatic changing, transport, haulage, storage management, and maintenance. This completely solves problems for people in the industry, such as problems associated with saving labor, saving time, reducing production costs, consistent quality, increasing productivity, shortage of technical personnel, and always ensures the safety of mold changing operations. 

Xiao Wen Long states the development of the “Automated Quick Mold/Die Change System” is the ultimate goal for continued sustainable management of Forwell. From “Mold Transporting” to “Mold Warehouse and Maintenance” and to the future development of “Automation Systems”, these stages of development establish the leadership of Forwell in the market. In times of cooperative development, Forwell will continue to offer much better, higher energy saving, and more efficient automated production solutions. 

Xiao Wen Long indicates that with the new 42,000m2 Huaian plant in China being completed and put into production, which cost approximately NT$350 million to build, it is estimated to increase the Group's revenue by NT$500 million next year, and will grow year on year in the future. In 2018, the Group will challenge the revenue goal of NT$2.5 billion. Website: