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The Welcoming Of Industry 4.0 Focusing on Automation Intelligence

【Reported by Dai Chen, Commercial Times】
Forwell Machinery Co. Ltd., has planted their roots deep in the field of automation for almost 30 years, and is capable of satisfying the Industry’s demand for industry 4.0. Once again leading the industry with what they have been developing for years, the “Automatic Quick Mold/Die Change Systems”, has assisted the machine tool industry to enter the field of intelligent manufacturing, and enhance global competitiveness. 

Chairman Xiao Wen Long states that ever since the Industry 4.0 concept has been brought up, Intelligent manufacturing stirred up the fourth wave of Industrial Revolution. “Automation Intelligence” can stabilize product quality, enhance production efficiency, reduce production and labor costs, allow the flow of production to run smoother, and can provide a much higher management results and safer operations. Introducing automation equipment is a trend not to be dismissed. 

In order to respond to Industry 4.0, Forwell has been actively integrating and developing towards automation. From the early stage single machine clamping, and then slowly developing into die automated storage, we are now developing complete mold management systems, and are gradually stepping towards a whole new field of Automation Intelligence.

Establishing Headquarters Cross-strait 
Expanding the International Market

Xiao Wen Long indicates, “Automation Quick Die Change Systems” can perform a stream of automated operations that includes replacement, transport, haulage, storage management, and maintenance. This completely solves problems such as saving labor, saving time, reducing production costs, stabilizing quality, and enhancing production efficiency, solving the problems of technical personal shortage and ensuring the safety of die changing operations. Xiao Wen Long states, Forwell Machinery has become fully dedicated to transitioning and establishing headquarters in Taiwan and mainland China. Expanding international markets and breaking into domestic markets, by integrating organization and resources cross-strait, has allowed Forwell to boost their competiveness, hopefully to reach the goal of being listed in the Chinese Growth Enterprise Market.

On organization reformation, the group will establish four major divisions which are the “Forming Division”, “Stamping Division”, “3C Division” and “Manufacturing Division”, dividing design and development of each sector and providing an even more professional service. Along with the activation of the new mainland factory in Huai'an, the four divisions will become the solid stone of the development of “Automation Intelligence” and “Industrial Robots”.

Humanity, Technology, Capability 
Going deep on Automation Intelligence

Currently, Forwell Machinery has established regular chains in mainland China in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Kunshan, Ningbo, Huai'an and other places. This year they will extend to Wuhan, Tianjin, Shenyang, Qingdao and other Northeast China areas.

Looking into the future, Xiao Wen Long indicates that Forwell will continue to realize “Humanity, Technology, Capability”, and plant the roots deep in the automation field. It is certain that Forwell will be on top of the global automation craze and reach their next peak in the industry.