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Forwell Machinery The One And Only Mold Management System

【Reported by Chen Ren Yi, Commercial Times】
The advantages and disadvantages of “Quality, Costs, and Production Efficiency” are the crucial survival requirements of the industry. Due to the fact that various industries need to strengthen the advantage of corporate competitiveness, and secure a market position, the demand for automation grows stronger. Global industries are actively planning on importing automation production equipment, and this allows them to strengthen corporate international competitiveness. The flourishing automotive market drives the need for metal forming and plastic injection automation equipment, such as components, car electronics, and 3C industry products, enabling the industry to have a massive market potential. Especially, since there is a demand of more than 20 million cars in the mainland China market, this definitely attracts new businesses and technologies. 

The cross-strait leader of Forwell Machinery Chairman Xiao Wen Long indicated, the “Quick Die Changing System” is an important piece of equipment for automation production systems, and can also improve existing production equipment, in order to reach the goal of enhancing production efficiency. As for the new factory, the best option would be conducting a comprehensive plan. He also pointed out, currently Forwell Machinery has completed the first development stage of “Quick Die Change Systems”, and the second stage of “Mold Conveying Systems”, and there are development plans for the future goal of achieving a complete Factory Quick Die Change System. Furthermore he will focus on developing industrial robots and automation equipment as an ultimate goal for the future. 

He also indicated, currently the automation equipment industry is taking steps to develop “Automation Intelligence Systems”, and “Mold Management Systems” which Forwell has started to develop as part of their management system focusing on the mold management of “Automation Intelligence”. Followed by Germany’s proposed concept of “Industrial 4.0”, the fourth global industrial revolution has just officially begun. 

Xaio Wen Long states, he invested NT$350 million to construct a new modern factory of 13,000ping which is located in Huai’an and has currently entered the trial production stage. This R&D and production facility will fulfill the needs of automation equipment for Chinese automotive related industries and the 3C electronics industry. He also stressed, at the moment the automotive industry is developing at a very rapid rate.

He also pointed out, Forwell’s initiative in developing R&D for “Mold Management Systems” related equipment has already finished development and will soon enter the regional markets. Forwell will extensively develop new markets and simultaneously coordinate with what has already been founded in order to boost their four major divisions, the “Forming Division”, “Stamping Division”, “3C Division” and “Manufacturing Division”.