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Forwell Leads the Way in Smart Production

【Reported by Dai Chen, Economic Daily News】
Over the past 30 years Forwell has been developing Quick Mold and Die Change Systems and many of the top 100 largest companies use their systems, and Forwell is ranked first for production and revenue in both Taiwan and China. Furthermore they have thousands of loyal customers including Foxconn, AU Optronics, Hitachi, Haier, Konka, and other leading manufacturers. 

Forwell Chairman Xiao Wen Long stated that with the introduction of Industry 4.0, “Intelligent Automation” will improve product stability, increase productivity, reduce production and labor costs, as well as make production processes smoother. Moreover these systems offer increased management effectiveness and operational safety which is why implementing automation equipment is already becoming an irreversible trend. 

In response to the development of Industry 4.0, Forwell also actively integrates whole plant automation systems, from mold clamping systems and mold cart systems to complete mold storage systems. These are all helping to advance new mold management systems which will introduce a new field of intelligent automation. 

Xiao Wen Long mentions that Forwell has recently started restructuring efforts, and plans to set up operational headquarters in both Taiwan and mainland China. This will expand their international and domestic market by efficiently organizing and integrating resources cross-strait with the aim of being listed on the China GEM market in 2017. 

With recent organizational changes, Forwell now has four divisions, a forming division, stamping division, 3C division, and manufacturing division. By developing highly skilled personnel for research and development, they can provide customers with even more professional service. 

Forwell continually supports the industry in order to strengthen global competitiveness and has recently accelerated the development of whole plant quick die change systems. These systems can automatically change dies and molds, transport them, store them, repair them, and can perform storage management, etc. These automated operations promote industry efficiency by saving manpower, increasing product consistency and quality, increasing productivity, solving the problem of a shortage of technical staff, and ensuring safety of the die changing operations. 

Looking to the future Xiao Wen Long has said that he will continue researching the “humanities, science and technology, and art” to continue plowing the field of Intelligent Automation. He believes Forwell will be able to lead the way in the global development of automation systems to reach the peak of success.