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Forwell Precision Machinery Manufactures Automated Mold Management

【Reported by Renyi Chen, China Times】
With almost three years of cross-strait research and development, Forwell’s “mold management system” is now nearing the final stages of completion. These systems are not only used for the implementation of “intelligent automation” for a range of industrial production trends, but also for the more complex process of “mold management”. By building a new model of “modern mold management”, Forwell is gradually moving towards their goal of completing “whole plant quick mold automation equipment”. 

Forwell Chairman Xiao Wen Long said that with the rapid developments of the automotive industry, car component manufacturers, and the car-related electronics industry there will be a steady growth of the demand for metal forming and plastic injection molding automation equipment. This is especially the case in the manufacturing sector where 95% of processes require a die or a mold. The current production trend of “low volume, large variety” will substantially increase mold usage, and increase the rate of mold changing equipment. Xiao Wen Long stresses that the development of automation equipment will continue as the demand increases in-line with the growth of the automotive industry making this an industry with great potential for the future. 

He also pointed out that in order to help the industry strengthen the global competitiveness of the market and to meet industry demands such as high quality, fast delivery, and low costs, Forwell has invested a lot of resources cross-strait. The company is actively developing “whole plant quick die change automation equipment”, which can exchange, transport, warehouse, store, and maintain the dies and molds. “Intelligent automation equipment” can solve the industries problems of finding enough skilled employees, as well as lower manpower requirements and production costs, while also increasing productivity, quality, consistency, and safety during mold changing operations. 

Xiao Wen Long said the development of “whole plant quick mold change systems” is one of Forwell’s goals to ensure business continuity. Therefore they have already developed a “point, line, and surface” business development goal plan. This includes “mold delivery” to the “point” of the mold, storage and maintenance along the “line” of the system, and future development of the “surface” of the whole plant equipment. These goals all have the aim of helping Forwell to establish a leading position in the market. They hope to provide the industry with high performance, labor-saving, and very efficient automated production solutions with the next goal of working towards the development of “industry specific industrial robots”. Chairman Xiao Wen Long said that Forwell has spent NT$350 million to build a new plant in Huai’an, Jiangsu Province which covers an area of 13,000 ping. When it is completed and production started next year it is forecast to generate NT$500 million in annual revenue, and this is set to grow year by year, with the Forwell Group targeting annual revenue of NT$2.5 billion by 2018.