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Forwell Precision Machinery’s High Efficiency PFPS

【Reported by Renyi Chen, China Times】
Forwell Precision Machinery is a cross-strait leading manufacturer of quick die change systems and whole plant automation equipment, and they are also the first company to develop a “PCB Fine Piercing System (PFPS)”. As a leading manufacturer with more than 20 years experience they have already received many patents to develop this system. Many of the PCB industries leading firms are using their systems including Chin Poon, HuiYu, Chiayi, TaiFeng, JenFeng, GBM, MingXiong, KeHui, Hitachi, etc… These systems have also been successfully marketed to Mainland China, India, Turkey, and other International markets. 

Forwell Chairman Xiao Wen Long said that Forwell’s PFPS combines the company’s quick die change systems with an air hydraulic system. These are the core technologies that have been integrated into this system to create the automated production equipment for printed circuit board (PCB) processing. For the processing of double-sided PCBs without peeling hydraulic punching composite panels are used to ensure a high production yield and smooth punching of holes. Forwell’s PFPS system uses air pressure to convert hydraulic power, a piercing desk tray, and hydraulic quick die change systems, etc… The front punching plate and hydraulic pressure is used for the stripping action and is easy to adjust according to different materials, which lets them meet the customer requirements of high quality, high yield, and high efficiency. 

He also noted that the punching operation is the primary engineering process of PCBs due to the general ejection of the punch which is likely to cause deformation, cracking, uneven punching holes, and other problems to the PCB. Usually PCB systems are only suitable for single circuit board production but by using the PFPS, this will greatly improve production efficiency, and can significantly improve processing yields. 

Xiao Wen Long said that the main structure of the PFPS stripper is specially designed by combining disk with a precision machined and hardened plate for the multi-sealing process. Also by adjusting the stripper with different hydraulic pressures using the air supply there will be an adjustable punching speed, with a smooth and uniform action. This stripping process is very balanced and offers 0 to 180 degrees stripping with adjustable automated feeding. The system operation has very easy adjustment, high accuracy, high levels of safety, a long product life, and is suitable for any circuit board piercing job. Furthermore it is equipped with a quick die change system, which achieves automation, energy efficiency, and can improve the processing quality as well.