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Forwell’s Die Management Systems Practice “Intelligent Automatization”

【Reported by Renyi Chen, China Times】
Forwell Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a cross-strait leading manufacturer of quick die and mold change systems and is now focusing on the development goal of developing “whole plant quick die change system automation equipment”. 

Furthermore, this company has spent years devoting resources to the R&D of “die management”, and is also a pioneer of advanced new equipment cross-strait. By utilizing complex or complicated die management through “automation intelligence” with an integrated “point”, “line”, and “surface” design, their automated intelligence management systems can be connected for die transportation, haulage, storage, and maintenance. 

For quick die change systems, the second stage “die conveying systems” until now include “die storage systems” and “die repair systems”. These two systems are very high-tech and can be highly customized to create “die management systems” which shows the rapid development of automated die change systems of this company and how they can produce “intelligent automation systems”. “Die management systems” include die delivery to the “point” of the die, storage and maintenance along the “line” of the system, and future development of the “surface” of the whole plant equipment. This is why Forwell has switched their Group’s business development plan to a “point, line, and surface” milestone plan. 

Furthermore, this company has pioneered the development of “automatic die cart systems” which are the solution for transporting and exchanging 3-15 ton dies and molds for operations such as automotive sheet metal working, automobile bumpers, lights, refrigerators, washing machines, large toys, and other large plastic injection molding parts. Through the development of various cart shapes and sizes Forwell can design automatic and semi-automatic loading and unloading systems. Website: