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Forwell’s Mold Management Systems Intelligent Automatization

【Reported by Renyi Chen, China Times】
Forwell Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. are cross-strait leading manufacturers of Quick Die Change Systems. Whether looking at annual production or revenue Forwell ranks among the highest companies in Taiwan, and are one of Taiwan’s top 100 largest listed companies. They have more than 1,000 customers using their mold or die related equipment, including AU Optronics, Foxconn, Hitachi, Haier, and Konka. Forwell’s new products are very innovative, their core technologies are far ahead of the industry, and currently their main business development goal is to develop “whole plant quick mold change systems”. Furthermore, the company has spent a year researching and developing “mold management systems” which has been a success cross-strait and is the first example of their advanced new automation equipment. Forwell offers many diverse mold management systems using “intelligent automation systems”, where the “point”, “line”, and “surface” are all linked to an integrated design for the transport, haulage, storage management, storage, and maintenance of molds. This is all now on display at the Taipei International Plastics & Rubber Industry Exhibition Zone N, Booth 0514. 

Forwell Chairman Xiao Wen Long said that the department for “mold management systems” concentrates on developing high-tech, highly innovative customized equipment, and is always rapidly changing. The whole plant “intelligent automation” equipment can be used as one device, where the “mold management system” is coupled with the “mold delivery system” as the “point” is used for mold transportation, the “line” is used for mold storage and maintenance, and the “surface” is the result from the integrated future development of the system. The Forwell Corporate Development plan has switched to develop the “surface, line, and surface” method as this is the core concept of “mold management systems” and can be used to “quickly find and preserve molds”. These management systems meet industry demands by providing fast, accurate, and safe mold exchanging operations and maintenance. This improves production efficiency and simplifies “mold management”, so the sooner the management implements these systems the easier it will be. Additionally the Forwell Group will also gradually work towards the corporate goal of developing “dedicated industrial robots”. 

He also pointed out that the booming auto industry results in the development of the auto parts industry, automotive electronics industry and the rapid development of the 3C industry. This has subsequently increased the demand for automation equipment for the injection molding and metal stamping industries. That is because 95% of rubber and plastic manufacturers and metal forming manufacturers use dies and molds and so can benefit from quick die change systems. Currently Forwell’s sells about half of their equipment to the injection molding industry and half to the metal forming industry, and over time their sales are expected steadily increase. 

Xiao Wen Long said that with the vast mainland population reaching about 1.36 billion in 2013 and total car sales of 29,180,000, China is now the world’s largest market, manufacturing country and is set to show steady growth in the future. Also due to the continued active growth of the automotive industry, this will further boost the need for plastic injection molding and metal forming automation equipment. Now that the concept of automation is growing and the mainland market has matured it is time to reap the rewards. Along with the relocation of many Taiwanese businesses from China to Southeast Asia, this will expand the need for automation equipment in Southeast Asia. Therefore it is expected that Southeast Asia will generate a new wave of automation equipment demand and that it will become another emerging market for automation equipment.