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Forwell Mold Management Systems Improve Production Efficiency

【Reported by Dai Chen, Economic Daily News】
In order to assist the industry and to strengthen global competitiveness, Forwell is actively dedicated to developing “Whole Plant Automatic Die Change Systems”, as they strive to save time, reduce labor, costs, and stabilize quality. This will all increase production efficiency and solve the issue of a shortage of technical personnel. 

The Chairman Xiao Wen Long indicates, Forwell’s ultimate product development goal is complete “Whole Plant Quick Mold Change”, starting from the first stage “Machine Quick Mold Change System”, the second stage “Mold Conveying System”, and finally into the third stage “Mold Management System”. 

Xiao Wen Long states, “Mold Management” is a management system with the core concept built on “quickly finding the required mold, and preserving the mold”. It is able to provide fast, accurate, and safe mold exchange and maintenance to the industry and can increase production efficiency. “Mold Management” can always be adopted, and the earlier it is adopted the easier it will be for the management. 

“Mold Management Systems” focuses on the development of two major systems, “Die Automatic Storage Systems” and “Die Maintenance Systems”. These systems require large scale facilities and factory space, so system planning and the reservation of extra space is necessary before construction. The first system is completely customized equipment, where you must plan and design according to the different demands of die storage, and the second system is to maintain the die so that it achieves a longer service life. After the system has been built, it can assist companies to completely solve the problems of massive die storage and allows for quick access to all of your dies. This effectively enhances production efficiency, reduces inventory, and allows mold operations to become much easier and safer. This system will be officially unveiled this September at the Taipei International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition. 

In order to speed up the pace of “Mold Management System” equipment development and cross-strait distribution, besides constructing the Ningbo factory, Forwell has also purchased approximately 13,000 ping area of land in Huai’an, and has constructed a new approximately 36,000 ping factory in Jiangsu. This factory is expected to be completed in October this year and is estimated to increase annual turnover by NT$500 million and increase next year’s sales by NT$700 million. Website: