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Forwell’s Quick Mold Change Systems Lead the Industry

【Reported by Renyi Chen, Business Times】
The Forwell Technology Group has greatly capitalized on the global trend of using industrial automation equipment, and in recent years they have been developing “whole plant quick mold change systems”. In addition to the development of their venture, they have successfully marketed the first stage Quick Die Change Systems, Quick Mold Change Systems (QDCS, QMCS), and other related products to international markets. Many years ago Forwell also successfully developed and produced the second stage “mold conveying systems” (Mold/Die Cart Systems). With continuous re-investments in technology their manufacturing capabilities are much higher than during the first two stages, and by focusing on the development of “die automated storage systems” and “die maintenance systems”, these will form the third stage “mold management systems”. Even though this stage of development is complete, these customized systems will be inaugurated at the new factory under construction in Huai’an, Jiangsu Province. This factory will become the “mold management system demonstration plant”, which will construct and showcase these systems for illustrative purposes. 

Forwell Group President Xiao Wen Long said that now that the international market recovery is in sight and although the recovery is quite slow, he anticipated that the industrial automation equipment industry will boom in the future due to increased demand. Therefore the Forwell Group has worked hard to concentrate on the Taiwan and mainland China markets. Currently the group’s plant in Ningbo, China just completed a plant expansion last year and they have invested more than NT$350 million. Their new plant in Huai’an covers more than 13,000 ping and will be inaugurated in October this year. The operation of the new plant in Huai’an is expected to run smoothly and in the near future Forwell further aims to establish a new factory in Taiwan (land has already been purchased). 

Besides the new plant in Huai’an, the factory in Ningbo, and the establishment of a new factory in Taiwan, Forwell has established four separate divisions. Manufacture of die casting and injection molding automation equipment make up the “forming division”. The research and development of automation equipment for metal forming machinery and hydraulic presses fall under the “punching division”. The research and development of automated production equipment for the 3C electronics industry and printed circuit board production make up the “3C division”. Supporting these divisions with the development of products for manufacturing and assembling components or other machinery fall under the “manufacturing division”. Each plant will focus on a particular customer base so that they can develop markets and mutually support each other. 

He also said that the current focus of the Group’s product development is based around their Taiwanese headquarters, and the future outlook will depend on market demand and whether they will establish another factory at the Huai’an office for global planning and management. The newly-established factory contains four plants with a total floor space of 4,000 ping, as well as a 4,000 ping four-storey office building with research center, staff dormitory, restaurant, and activity center. 

President of Forwell Xiao Wen Long also said the company’s development plan is to complete the production of “whole plant quick mold change systems” as their sustainable business goal. They also aim to ensure Forwell’s leading position in the market and to provide industries with complete, labor-saving, and more efficient automation solutions. The goal of their next stage of development is to advance towards the production of “industrial robotic equipment”.