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Forwell Strives to Develop Leading Automation Equipment

【Reported by Renyi Chen, Business Times】
Due to rapid changes in market demand, lower production costs in various industries, improved quality standards, and strengthened production efficiency there is a boost in international competitiveness. Implementing different types of automation equipment has become a popular trend within the global manufacturing industry. This means that the automation equipment industry can retain a competitive advantage even during recession times as they can assist the production in many industries. This will allow for new business opportunities even in a business climate with fierce international competition, and especially since the development of more user friendly “intelligent automation” equipment, this sector has been steadily gaining momentum. 

Focused on the development of whole plant quick die change equipment, Forwell’s research and development is now moving towards “mold management systems” and is a cross-strait leading manufacturer. Forwell’s Chairman Xiao Wen Long also pointed out that the automation equipment industry will continue to boom, not contract, and will clearly become a prominent industry. 

Forwell Chairman, Xiao Wen Long said the industry pursuing the development of automated production is an inevitable trend. There will be a large demand for “intelligent automation” and the production and management of “intellectual automation”. However without first introducing effective automation production systems, “intelligent automation” will be very difficult as today’s market changes are changing faster and faster. The resilience of the manufacturing industries will be a key factor to survive in this competitive environment. High quality and multifunctional automation equipment will be an important tool when the manufacturing industries face this competition. 

Therefore, if manufacturers do not plan and purchase relevant equipment, they will be squeezed out of the market. Among these manufacturing industries, the automotive parts industry has an urgent demand for automation equipment when compared to other industries. He further stressed that automation equipment can be applied to traditional or technologically-advanced industries anytime. However, before applying it, manufacturers need to improve their production processes first, make production cost-effective, and rationalize their production processes. Then the manufacturers can implement automation equipment. 

In the stamping and injection molding industry for example, before implementing an automated production system you must first ensure there is mold standardization, warehouse space, and an adequate mold conveying system which is planned in advance. Only then will a factory be able to fully realize the benefits from automated production. 

Xiao Wen Long mentions that currently Forwell is developing whole plant automation systems that primarily include “automated mold storage systems”, “die maintenance systems”, but also complete “mold management systems”. Forwell hopes to assist many industries with the implementation of automated production systems, computer-controlled mold conveying systems, mold management, storage, conveying systems, and mold repair systems. Combining all of these functions will provide more efficient, safer, and more convenient one-stop solutions, with the aim of achieving “intelligent automation production and management systems”. 

With the growth of the company’s “molding division”, ‘stamping division”, “3C division”, and “manufacturing division”, and the construction of a new plant in Huai’an, these four divisions will give the Forwell Group the ability to further develop “intelligent automation” and “industrial robotic” systems.