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Forwell Leader in Quick Die Change Systems

【Reported by Dai Chen, Economic Daily News】
Forwell Machinery is heading towards becoming a leader of Quick Die Change Systems, and in order to achieve their development goal of “No.1 in Brand and Revenue”, they aim to take their high quality and innovative “Factory Automatic Die Change Systems” to a world class level, and develop their company to reach this ultimate goal. 

Forwell is a company which incorporates 30 years of development in automation equipment, and under the management of Chairman Xiao Wen Long, they have achieved first place for various industry targets. Outstandingly, Forwell became the first company in Taiwan to pass the international quality standards of ISO9002, ISO9001, CE, and others. Furthermore, they firmly established their own brand “Forwell” and have marketed it to the international market. 

Forwell Technology Enterprise Group comprises of Forwell Machinery Co., Ltd., Forwell Co., Ltd., Forwell Precision Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., Forwell Precision Machinery (Shenzhen) Office, and Forwell Precision Machinery (Shanghai) Office. Their business territories have expanded to United States, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and China, and all have a number of agents with a total client base in the thousands. Not only are they a leading mega company, but they are also a role model in the industry. 

The Chairman Xiao Wen Long indicated that the products from Forwell have an ultimate goal of developing a complete “Factory Automatic Quick Die Change System”; with the first stage “Quick Mold/Die Change System” (QMCS, QDCS), the second stage “Mold Transport System” (Automatic Die Change Cart System), and finally onto the third stage “Mold Management System”, which is planned to be launched in the beginning of this year. “Mold Management Systems” focus on two major system developments, “Die Automated Storage Systems” and “Mold Maintenance Systems”. As the required equipment and factory space needed are generally very large, it is important to carry out system planning and reserve floor space beforehand. First as these systems use completely customized equipment, you must also plan and design die storage differently according to each company’s requirements and second it is important to preserve the dies in order to achieve longer service life. After the system has been installed, it can assist industries to thoroughly resolve the issue of storing large numbers of die, rapidly access molds and dies, increase production efficiency, reduce inventory, and allow for die changing to become much easier and safer. In order to speed up the pace of “Mold Management System” equipment development, and cross-strait distribution, besides constructing the Ningbo factory, Forwell has also purchased approximately 13000 ping area of land in Huai’an, and has newly constructed a 36000 ping factory in Jiangsu. Furthermore, they plan to complete construction of this factory to start production in June 2014, and the Taiwan R&D center will be moved to this factory. Forwell will further recruit more development personnel to strengthen their development team. 

This factory will mainly focus on the production of die storage systems, mold management systems, die maintenance systems, standard mold components, and other related products. It is predicted that this new factory will generate an output value of NT$2.5 billion each year, and at the same time will be fully prepared for future developments of industrial robots and for a listing on the mainland China GEM market. 

Xiao Wen Long stated that in the very competitive market, only by producing very high quality products are you able to make a breakthrough. Also a premium manufacturer should not only sell products to their customers, but also deliver internationally certified quality to their customers. Therefore Forwell pays close attention to quality control by developing complete systems and cultivating strict quality control requirements. This is why Forwell is currently a leading company in the industry: