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Forwell Sprints for the Importation of Industry 4.0

The concept of Industry 4.0 gets everyone’s intention and launches new industrial revolution in the world market. As a leading brand in quick mold/ die change systems in the world, Forwell integrates the Industry 4.0 concept with the smart factory idea, offering smart production facility for metalworking and plastics injection procedures.

At the meantime, in order to keep up with the ever-changing pace of the industry, Forwell has modified reinforcing projects for generating sales leads, R%D, and manufacture. In the current seasons the company broadened its R&D strength and imported new ideology for corporate improvement. Such efforts, are set to heighten threshold of Forwell technology, and to expand the corporate business scale.

President Hsiao of Forwell stated that since many corporates recognize the importation of Industry 4.0 as their first priority, and try to realize smart manufacture in their factory. The goal of Industry 4.0 is an endless race, an ever-continuous running, so that Forwell will thrive on this trend with its own technology as well as development in automation sector.

Hsiao further claimed that now the automotive industry surges than any other industries in the market, which stimulated many related sectors. In the sectors such as automotive metalworking and plastics products manufacture, the demands are rising due to the many electronics products deployed in the vehicles.

Hsiao pointed that due to the rising wage in the Mainland China, now manpower issue is critical there, so people there need to import automatic facility to deal with their new manufacture demands in the procedures, and quick mold/ die change, is one of the very important procedures.

Forwell will keep its pace in developing optimal QDCS/ QMCS for corporates for smart manufacture. In order to perfect this goal and activate R&D as well as marketing arrangement, Forwell has arranged many intensifying strategies.

Hsiao will further expand his media plan and hire more sales and set more selling points for the expansion plan. In the R&D phase, the engineering and management of molds and dies are also important for the future.

Forwell will integrate the peripheral parts of QDCS/ QMCS, such as standardized parts, clamp accessories, and mold & die developments.

On the other hand, Forwell Huai’an will have model factory as showroom, containing the mold/ die storage models to showcase the technology. Forwell will seek the opportunity to cooperate with Japanese and German corporates in order to strengthen its own technological advancements; also, the company will provide a more comprehensive services to the Chinese market, with its advanced services, technology, products, and marketing plans.