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Forwell Smart Production QDCS/ QMCS Help Industrial Evolution

Metal pressing production and plastics injection molding are two important manufacture processes in the production of components for automotive, motorcycle, bicycle, and 3C items. As long as the lifetime of products are shortened and the demand for customization increases, the trend of small volume but large variety production is the ongoing trend in the era of smart manufacture and Industry 4.0.

The leading forerunner of automatic mold/ die change systems, President Hsiao of Forwell, stated that, in order to keep up with the trend of smart manufacture, Forwell has integrated QMCS/ QDCS with smart concept for factory owners. Recently he further imported the concept of “Productivity 4.0” (Industry 4.0) into corporate development, developing “Automatic Smart QMCS/ QDCS Factory Facility”, which can satisfy the need of “High-Mix/Low-Volume Production” model in the automotive, motorcycle, bicycle, and 3C sectors, achieving higher productivity, lower cost, managed stock reserves, and just-in-time production. With Forwell’s help, corporate can be more competitive, and advanced in quality and process.

Hsiao explained that, the concept of Productivity 4.0 is to integrate machinery with information, reporting the processing data, utilization data, maintenance data to the control center for the purpose of smart automation.

Hsiao shared that, Forwell automatic QMCS and QDCS factory facility is with recording and reporting functions. The facility can transfer mold/ die data to the control center, and later when those data are combined with IoT, “Smart QMCS/ QDCS” are thus achieved. In order to keep up with the trend of smart production, Forwell will integrate the company’s R&D steps with “Productivity 4.0” (Industry4.0).

Forwell is enthusiastic in the development of “Automatic Smart QMCS/ QDCS Factory Facility”; the company can offer mold/ die transmission system in mass production (cart system), and can offer an integrated production line containing automatic change, transmission, delivering, storing, and maintenance. This system is innovative in both markets: Taiwan and Mainland China.