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Awarded with Honor, Forwell Keeps its Creativity in Product Development

In 2016 Forwell was awarded in an award ceremony under the inventory smart plastics and rubber machinery and the peripheral facility. General Manager Hsiao of Forwell (蕭皕成) accepted the award from the awarding government official from the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Forwell dedicates to the development of “Automatic Factory QMCS/ QDCS”, and has evolved from the first generation “quick mold/ die change system” to the second generation “mold/ die transmission system”. Now the company steps into the third generation technology, the “Mold/ die management system”. This system has been developed via years by Forwell engineers and is well noticed by many since its showcase on the market. Moreover, at the Taipeiplas show, this system was awarded, proving its good potentiality.

The management of molds and dies is one critical link of QMCS and QDCS. The core value of this is to find the targeted molds/ dies in a faster manner and at the meantime, to store the rest which are also important in the production. This system offers manufacturers with faster, more accurate, and safer mold/ die solution, saving many perplexing issues that hinder productivity in the old days, such as manpower, working time overlapping, cost waste, quality control, productivity management, and incubation of technicians. This mold and die management system can be imported to your factory at any time. The earlier you import it into your factory, the easier your factory management will be.

This system focuses on “Automatic mold/ die storage system” as well as “mold/ die maintenance system”; the former is totally custom-made as suppliers have to design the storage according to the corresponding mold/ die sizes and warehouse specifications, while the later is designed to achieve permanent utilization of molds and dies. After one has established the system in his or her plant, many of the mold and die storage issues are solved in a faster way and the catch of the selected molds and dies also become much more accurate. These efforts, together improve productivity, reduce the stocks, and ease the mold/ die change operation.

Forwell。 (戴辰)