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President Hsiao of Forwell Serves as Director of Hsiao Family Association

By陳仁義, 10st of January, 2017

President Hsiao of Forwell has been dedicating to the social welfare for years and has ended his term of Lions Club 300-C3; now as Hsiao serves as the 8th Director of Hsiao Family Association, continuing his social services for Hsiao’s families. At the inauguration ceremony on 8th of the month he was awarded as the 8th director of Hsiao Family Association. Former Vice President of Taiwan also attended the ceremony and gave blessings.

Director Hsiao shared that, as a son of Hsiao’s he is eager to serve the whole family and further, he also wants to serve other families. Genealogical study reveals that Zhong (鍾) and Yie (葉) are also related with Hsiao and these three families are from the same ancestor. The study brodens people’s understanding of Hsiao’s family.

Hsiao further explained that, there are about 30 thousand member of Hsiao’s Family Association, including people living in counties and cities all over Taiwan. The annual topic of the association is “Being United and Serve Sincerely”; the association plans to hold general member assembly and many social services, such as blood donation, members affiliation, etc. It is hoped that, via these events to unite Hsiaos’ family and encourage members to dedicate to the society. The spirit of piety shall be reinforced.

Regarding the social service projects, there are scholarships for students, consolation money for the elders, and emergent assistance for the needy. Meanwhile, there are many corporates owned by members of Hsiao Family Association that are eager to support various plans, offering employment opportunity as well as strengths to enhance competitiveness.

Director Hsiao said that, he will also expand the family association by his business force, and will make the association a global association. In the future, there will be Hsiao Family FB, LINE, and other social networks to link all the Hsiaos in the world, so that the association will be much more globalized.

President Hsiao of Forwell serves as the 8th director (2017-2018) of Taiwan Hsiao Family Association (at the right); former Vice-President of Taiwan (in the middle) as supervisor, former director is at the left.