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President Hsiao of Forwell Served as the 8th Director of Hsiao Family Association

By戴辰; 22:48:18, 9th of January, 2017

President Hsiao of Forwell served as Taiwan Hsiao Family Association as the 8h director and the inauguration ceremony was held in National Changhua Special School. Former Vice President of Taiwan, Mr. Hsiao, participated the ceremony and given the 2017-2018 topic of the association as “Being associated together, Serving with sincerity”.

President Hsiao of Forwell is fervent on the social issues. After his term in the Lions Club 300-C3, now he serves as the director of Taiwan Hsiao Family Association, serving the big Hsiao family.

Former Vice President Mr. Hsiao stated at the ceremony that, Lions Club is one of the four great international associations, and now as this has been associated, the united force of Lions Club and Hsiao Family Club will serve more people in the society. This means a lot to the Taiwan society. The 7th director of Hsiao Family Association was greatly appreciated by the former Vice President for the contribution, especially of the cross-strait relation. Now the 8th director, President Hsiao of Forwell, with his successful achievements in business and his accomplishments in Lions Club, is expected to be a very successful leader to all.

Changhua County Magistrate Wei Ming-ku stated at the ceremony that President Hsiao of Forwell has a very successful business achievements and during his term of office as the head he lead Lions Club to contribute a lot and made a rigid bond between Changhua County and Hsiao Family Association. For the many cooperation cases such as parking lot and other infrastructure projects, the County Government also did a lot to the society.

Mr. Hsiao shared that as a son of Hsiaos, he wants to serve his family and expand this spirit to others outside this group. He will unite the Hsiao’s strength to contribute their resources to the society.

Hsiao further said that in the future, he will hold Hsiao Family congregations and hold events such as blood donation events, health events, and other social events to consolidate people’s force and help the needy, based on the spirit of piety.

Hsiao said that, he will also expand the family association by his business force, and will make the association a global association. In the future, there will be Hsiao Family FB, LINE, and other social networks to link all the Hsiaos in the world, so that the association will be much more globalized.

Former director (at the left), former Vice-President of Taiwan (in the middle), and the new director of the association.

Photograph by戴辰