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Forwell Mold/ Die Management System Helps Smart Production

By陳仁義, Chinatimes
The world manufacturers nowadays aim to increase productivity and yield rate, while reducing manpower reliance, production cost, and to enhance occupation safety at the same time. These features are the essences of the idea Industry 4.0, however, how to make automatic production smart, is a coming question. All the development of the machinery products are determined by the market, while the economy is still downturn, the pursue for smart machines will still be a focus for buyers. Among the many variables, Chinese buyers’ demands for the smart production are growing day by day.
Forwell has been dedicating to the metal forming and plastics injection molding sectors for 30 years. The company is the leading brand in mold/ dies change in both the Taiwan and China markets. Moreover, Forwell is also a moving force in the industry regarding the realization of intelligent production. President Hsiao of Forwell stated that, as the smart technology develops in the globe, machinery suppliers have to keep up with the trend. Because only by being smart, can a factory make its production line standardized, smart, and competitive, otherwise the factory will be filtered by the market eventually. President Hsiao illustrate the concept smart production as “Machinery + Information”. The smart production mechanism can provide manufacture data, information, maintenance data, and other corresponding data to the control center, realizing smart automation.
President Hsiao said that, Forwell invested on the R&D of smart production since the year 2010, to develop smart machines and the corresponding peripherals such as mold/ die management system, mold/ die transmission system (the automatic cart), and the first automatic mold/ die storage system in Taiwan which can proceed mold and die loading duty. Moreover, Forwell has developed the “Automatic Factory QMCS/ QDCS” that integrates inspection system, data report system, and can provide data to the control center. In the future, it will integrates IoT to realize Industry 4.0.
Hsiao expressed that in order to keep up with the demands from China, Forwell has established and arranged its road in the Huai’an plant, and with its four departments: Metal Forming Dept, Plastics & Rubber Forming Dept, 3C Dept, and Production Dept. to expand company’s application fields. For example, the 3C dept. will support industries such as circuit board, dust collection, unmanned carriage, and industrial robots. The goal is to walk towards business variation in the future development.