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Forwell Products Help Customers Realizing Industry 4.0

As the concept of Industry 4.0 surges in the world market, people work eagerly to keep pace with this trend. Taiwanese government also promotes its own version Industry 4.0, namely Productivity 4.0, in hope of making Taiwan an intelligent manufacturing country with global supply chains. However, since the world economy is not recovered from the former impact, the promotion of Productivity 4.0 is not an easy task for Taiwan. It is expected that corporates and government organizations work together to create more opportunities in the smart production.

President Hsiao of Forwell, who is also the committee member of TAMI, said that even the economy is not getting back, yet it is steady now, without further sign of deterioration. However recently there are some events impacted the faith of consumers. Hsiao stated that, world economy is primarily determined by China and the US, as the two are the greatest economy bodies in the world. If the two cannot offer some specific projects to the world economy, it is anticipated that the world economy may still be idling and private corporates, have to find their own way to survive.

Hsiao further claimed that now domestic manufacturers encounter the inquiry downgrading in both export market and domestic market, together with the challenge of currency devaluation of our competitors, Taiwanese manufacturers are dealing with very difficult industrial issues. Hsiao shared his viewpoint that government shall do more in assisting the industry by having more courage and persistence in policy execution, reconstructing the good economic environment.

Moreover, Hsiao pointed that automotive industry is the indicator of industrial development, and many technological and green applications are utilized in the automotive industry to design novel models. Now it is the time that insiders are watching, which affects the demands and the processing models. These issues challenges facility suppliers’ resilience.

Forwell is the leading brand in smart factory facility and offers QMCS/ QDCS to the world market. Forwell is the best QMCS and QDCS supplier in Taiwan and China and is the first supplier who conduct “Mold/ Die Management System” development. President Hsiao said that Industry 4.0 is a goal with no limit, and the company will keep its pace in this road, helping customers to be prepared and ready for the future opportunities.