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President Hsiao Inherits the Hsiao Family Association

4th of July, 2017; by陳仁義

President Hsiao has been dedicating to the society and social responsibility for many years and has always been generous to the society. After his term in International Lions Club 300-C3 as a director in 2016, he serves as the director of the Hsiao Family Association, supported by the Hsiao’s. It is said that President Hsiao is an active entrepreneur full of social responsibility.

Director Hsiao thus shared that, the annual goal of the association is “Family Bond, Sincere Service”. Though the Hsiao family association is set as the service center for the family, the service coverage actually includes others that related to the Hsiao’s family. “It is a comprehensive family-oriented association”, Director Hsiao claimed.

The service of the association includes urgent rescue, condolences, scholarship, pension, and filial piety. Meanwhile, the association also helps members’ business units to help each other and be united to foster greater strength, offering career opportunity for the members’ children.

Director Hsiao said, all the meetings, religious events, and activities are held according to members’ family seniority rather than age order. This represent a strong emphasis on the blood ideology. Moreover, those elderly who have good performances, no matter if his or her gender, are recognized as the first VIP in the association and are recommended as the good examples for all family members. Therefore, the family-bond is rather strong within the gathers compared to other associations.

Director emphasized that, filial piety is considered the top virtue among all the good deeds, so this association aims to foster this idea to all its members, offering positive attitude to the society.

At the same time, by gathering Hsiao’s family strength, it is expected to expand the association’s influence, making the Hsiao family bigger and greater so that members can contribute more to the needy.

There are about 300,000 members of the Hsiao Family Association, living in countries and cities all over Taiwan, and there are 15 Hsiao’s family associations.

Hsiao further explained that, the association plans to hold general member assembly and many social services, such as blood donation, members affiliation, etc. It is hoped that, via these events to unite Hsiaos’ family members and encourage members to dedicate to the society. The spirit of piety shall be reinforced.

Director further pointed out that via his corporate resources, he plans to expand the scope of Taiwan Hsiao Family Association as an international group, establishing its FB, LINE accounts to connect all the Hsiaos in the world. Furthermore, he plans to found management system inside the association so that this unity will be international.

China Times