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Innovative Products Showcased at TAIPEI PLAS Show

Organized by TAMI and TAITRA, the Taipeiplas 2016 was held in the Nangang Exhibition Center. During the fair, there was a meeting and award ceremony that awards participants who showcase innovative ideas in the plastics and rubber machinery sector.

At the award ceremony, there were many senior government officials and union leaders participated as the awarders. Head of TAMI, Mr. Alex Ko, stated that there are many award categories such as hollow forming machinery, smart plastics forming machinery and peripheral machinery, and other inventories. Regarding the award winners, there are many and their cutting-edge innovations has benefitting the show.

The topic of the Taipeiplas fair is about “energy saving and green ideas realization”, and “smart production and smart machinery”, and “aesthetic design and Industry 4.0.” These three main topics are the axis of the Taipeiplas show and visitors from all over the world can witness Taiwanese plastics and rubber machineries’ advanced features in energy saving, innovative, advanced technology, and high CP value.

Mr. Alex Ko shared that though the woeld economy is not good, this time in Taipeiplas there were still 2,580 booths utilized, with 533 exhibitors participated in the show. This shows that the show is highly recognized by the plastics and rubber industry. On other hand, one can tell that many award winners have prepared their products for the past two years, for the upcoming awards. TAMI invited around 3,000 foreign buyers to the show to boost the show atmosphere and everyone hopes that Taiwan’s plastics and rubber industry cab be further known by people in the world.