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The CLF Company was Awarded with Innovative Award at Taipei Plas

Organized by TAMI and TAITRA, the plastics and rubber innovative award in 2016 was a big event in the year. There are 22 companies submitted their 27 products. The CLF company was awarded with the highest honor by its smart multiple recycling lubricant plastics injection machine. Regarding the aesthetic awards, the FKI is the winner, with its own intelligent cloud-control electronic hollow forming machinery. The smart machinery award was given to MULTIPLAS’ smart IMES IM4.0 injection molding production system. All these awards were awarded by Mr. Alex Ko, head of TAMI.

Organizers representatives claimed that, the 27 award submissions is actually a 17% increase compared to the last TIMTOS award event. The aggressive intention greatly impressed the judges, as even though the economy was not good, Taiwanese plastics and rubber insiders are still with profound enthusiasm towards the industry and prepare themselves for the future. Besides, the numbers of the foreign buyers and visitors were greater than last Taipeiplas, to witness Taiwanese plastics and rubber machineries’ smart production design and automation engineering. These exhibits, are set to make the future of Taiwan plastics and rubber industry better.

There are five companies which were awarded with the excellent award. They are: FCS, Everplast, FKI, FCS for another award, and HCI Converting Equipment. The awarded products of these companies are with specific design and excellent field applications that benefitting the industry.

Regarding the other awards, there are nine companies who received the awards. Among the nine, there are two injection molding machine producers, and two plastics extrusion machine producers. Regarding the hollow forming machine award, KEENPRO was the winner in the category. Victor Taichung and Forwell were the winners of smart plastics and rubber forming machine and peripheral equipment awards. The other two awards were given to BA59-710 made by CHC Fans & Blowers Manufacturer and KINGSSEL2230 3D printer made by another well-known manufacturer.