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Forwell Mold/ Die Management System Awarded with Honor

Leading brand of QDCS/ QMCS across the Taiwan Strait, Forwell, has developed the innovative “Mold/ Die Management System” which was awarded on the 2016 plastics and rubber machinery awarding ceremony. The competition was held by TAMI and TAITRA, and Forwell is the only company (from the specific sector) which was awarded with this honor. The mold/ die management system is 100% customized, which can simplify the many scrutiny regarding mold and die carrying, operation, safety control, management, and other issues. The system can shorten working hours, increase productivity, ensure operation safety, and manage the mold and die storage details. In order to realize the system, Forwell has spent 50 million in Huai’an Plant in China to build a showroom-factory, covering about 991 square meters in which the whole idea is demonstrated inside.

President Hsiao of Forwell said that, the company has developed two different die/ mold change operation mechanisms; one is for metal forming while another for plastics injection molding. The system covers automatic QDCS and QMCS, as well as automatic die/ mold transmission, storage, and maintenance. President Hsiao emphasized that, Forwell system is of customized type, which is adjustable according to buyers’ plant conditions, facility alignment, mold/ die transmission lengths. Therefore, the Forwell plant engineering is highly professional.

President Hsiao said that, Forwell offers low-cost automation solution. Now the company has basically accomplished the goal of smart QMCS/ QDCS. In the future, Hsiao and his crew will further develop different kinds of peripheral QDCS and QMCS facilities in order to enhance competitiveness. Among the many goals, the establishment of standard components, standard plates, fast composition parts, and clamp units. At the meantime, Forwell also help customers develop molds and dies and help them import the corresponding QDCS and QMCS, increasing their productivity. For further marketing strength enhancement, the company will adjust its personnel ratio between R&D and manufacture from 2:8 to 6:4.

Besides, Hsiao shared that now there are four departments in the Huai’an Plant in China: Metal Forming Dept, Plastics & Rubber Forming Dept, 3C Dept, and Production Dept. which covers about 10,000 square meters. These four departments will further enhance Forwell strength in the market by helping each other and share their own duties. The 3C Dept will support industries such as circuit board, dust collection, unmanned carriage, and industrial robots. The goal is to walk towards business variation in the future development. Forwell aims to become a leading brand when manufacturers seek to develop their own Industry 4.0 version in their plant.