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Forwell Moves towards Smart Machinery

By 陳仁義 in Taichung, TMTS Show.
Forwell has been dedicating to the metal forming and plastics injection molding sectors for 30 years. The company is the leading brand in mold/ die change in both the Taiwan and China markets. Moreover, Forwell is also a moving force in the industry regarding the realization of Industry 4.0.

In fact, Forwell has been investing in smart production since year 2000, such as the “Mold Management System”, which is the first system that contains of mold transmission system (automatic mold cart system), and the first mold/ die storage system which can carry out the mold and die change and storage in automatic manner. These efforts, are the demonstration of Forwell’s dedications in smart manufacture. There are still many other efforts waiting to be promoted in both Taiwan and China.

President Hsiao of Forwell said that, smart machinery is mainly applied to the small volume but large variety production model, and machineries nowadays are designed to cope with the trend of lack of manpower. Therefore, even if now the overall environment is not recovered from recession, the development of smart production and the corresponding peripherals are still the focus in the industry. Only by being smart, can factories be more competitiveness in the world market. He expects that, government can also prepare and promote related projects for domestic manufactures to help accelerating the smart revolution in the Taiwan industry.

Hsiao also shared that, NTD is not so competitive compared to Japanese and Korean currencies, so Taiwan, as an export-oriented economic body, whose domestic corporates would have less intention in the investment projects. Furthermore, now the employees and employers are disputing for the leave systems, which will deteriorate the Taiwanese manufacturing competitiveness.

Hsiao suggested that the government shall have infrastructure projects that stimulates domestic economy and at the meantime, fosters the globalization of Taiwan.

Hsiao stated that, Forwell will move towards the goal of smart machinery. The company will make this happen via its four business departments: metal forming, plastics forming, 3C electronics, and machine processing. Forwell will expand its product inventory so that the product variety would be broad. For example, the 3C electronics Dept. will invest on PCB peripheral facility, dust collection equipment, unmanned carts, and industrial robots. He expects that the company can contribute to the industrial world.

President Hsiao said, as the market demands change and grow as always, corporates shall also keep their R&D alive according to the trends. Only by being agile in the market can a corporate hold the opportunity.

Photo and Article by 陳仁義