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Forwell Group Sent Materials to Cambodia for Local Social Welfare

By陳仁義, 28th of November, 2016
Organized by many Lions Clubs, Forwell group, and Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, there are 36 members who visited the Cambodian FCF. Together they visited 50 poor children who has been cared by kind people. Among the 50 poor children, Forwell contributes 10, and established the Forwell Library. President Hsiao of Forwell invited VIPs to launch the library. The group members also donate consolation money to them as well as stationeries, daily supplies, and toys. It is hoped that, with care and assistance, those poor children can get rid of poverty as early as they can.

President Hsiao of Forwell, who was also the former director of Lions Club Area 300-C3, said that, as he felt that the Cambodian FCF center is in lack of books, while that is what children need, so each member donates 5 books to fill in those shelves. However, besides the book shelves, the living environment are still not ideal, this made them feel sad so they donate the consolation money.

President Hsiao said, he witnesses that the social vulnerable groups in Cambodia are in need of people’s help. He feels that Taiwanese people living in the rich environment shall cherish the environment and further, make more good deeds for the world. He expects that with this 7 day trip to the Cambodia, people can be award of the needy there and help them in the future. (Commercial Times)

Former Lions Club 300-C3 Director Hsiao (in the middle) and the children he cared about gathering together. There are also consolation money and daily supply.

Photo by Forwell, Article by陳仁義