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President Hsiao of Forwell Urges Government to Promote Smart Machinery

6, September, 2017 by陳仁義

Forwell has put many resources in the development of the smart mold and die management system in the recent days to keep up with the unmanned smart trend. Encountered with the worldwide economic distress, Forwell still holds its strength in the R&D of the smart management system, making itself the leading brand in the era of Industry 4.0 as well as Smart Machinery.

President Hsiao of Forwell stated that, Taiwan is on the path to the vision of Smart Machinery, and machinery manufacturers in this place work enthusiastically to develop intelligent machines in order to have their own competitiveness in the world market.

In the year of 2017, the export of Taiwan’s machine tools is good, and people expected this industry to be a new 1000 billion (NTD) industry of Taiwan. However, at the meanwhile, Taiwanese manufacturers are with low motivation of facility investment. Even though they have known the upcoming trend of smart production, they still want to have full exploitation of their existing capital goods. This attitude would hinder the progression of the development of machinery intelligence and will obstruct suppliers of smart facility from further development, causing harsh environment.

President Hsiao also said that, although the stock market of Taiwan is good now, the economy in Taiwan domestic market does not have corresponding recovery. Hsiao stated that it is due to the false economy.

In order to stimulate the domestic economy and the development of industry, government shall present the solutions to solve the difficulties, such as investment tax credit and encouragement policies. It is expected that, with the expansion of the Taiwan domestic markets, the economy would be more active.

President Hsiao further pointed out that, although China’s economy is impacted by the US’ protectionism, the China domestic markets regarding automotive and livelihood supplies are still strong enough to stimulate China’s industrial development. China’s domestic market is still good.

It is expected that China’s economic growth rate would range from 6% to 7%; Looking back to Taiwan, the new working-day reform policy “One Fixed Day off and one Flexible Rest Day” and other factors have caused impact on the manufacture industry. Those factors include NTD appreciation, unnoticed power failure, minimum wage rise, etc. It is necessary for the government to implement new encouragement to the Taiwan industry.